Scammers pose as SunTrust Bank in Polk County

The Polk County Sheriff's office is warning residents, scammers may call and claim to be with SunTrust Bank. 

Sheriff Grady Judd said the caller tries to get the victims' personal information, like birth dates and Social Security numbers. Three people in Polk County have already reported getting the calls. 

One victim hung up immediately, because he does not have an account with SunTrust Bank. Another was in the process of giving their information to the caller when he realized it was probably a scam - and hung up. 

Detectives called SunTrust Bank, where employees said they were also contacted by officials in Volusia County about a similar scam.  Okaloosa County law enforcement said they've seen a similar scam. 

Law enforcement say not to give any personal information over the phone to an unknown caller.

Anyone who receives a banking-related phone call sounding suspicious in any way, hang up and call local law enforcement. Follow up with the bank to be sure a caller is who they say they are.

Anyone having received this type of call in Polk County is asked to contact Detective Loder at (863) 292-3300 or call a local law enforcement agency.