Search continues for missing toddler in Pinellas County

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UPDATE: The body of Jordan Belliveau has been found. His mother has been arrested for his murder. 

It's been two days since a Largo toddler was reportedly abducted. So far, Largo police say there's been no sign of Jordan Belliveau, despite exhaustive searches.

Since the Amber Alert went out Sunday morning, police have gotten over 40 tips from around the state, but none, so far, have led them to the 2-year-old.

The little boy's family is holding onto hope. On Monday, they and the community took the search into their own hands. Climbing through bushes, eyes on the ground, dozens scoured Largo Central Park, searching for anything and everything that could lead them to the boy.

"He's a beautiful child," said Jessica Belliveau, the child's grandmother. "He's happy, he loves everybody, he's a people person and we just want him home."

The sight of so many, willing to help, was a bit of comfort for Belliveau's grandmother during a terribly uncertain time.

"Our family is so grateful, so grateful for everybody. It helps a lot," she said. 

Monday, police released a composite of the suspect who may have the toddler. He's described as having dreadlocks and gold teeth. The child's 21-year-old mother told police that Saturday night around 9:30 p.m., in the area of East Bay Drive near Belcher Road, the man named "Antwan" offered her and her son a ride in his white Toyota Camry.

She accepted because they had a long walk ahead and Jordan was becoming heavy to carry. A short time later, there was an altercation. She claims a the man hit her hard enough to knock her out. Four hours later, she regained consciousness in Largo Central Park. Her son was nowhere to be found.

Maj. Stephen Slaughter with Largo Police says the mother's story and injury check out. "We do have video that shows her walking in the park," Slaughter said.

Now, all they can do is search between Belliveau's home and the park using K9s, divers, and collecting anything that could potentially become evidence.

"We have found some bloody items, yes," Slaughter said, answering a reporter's question about what neighbors saw being carried from the apartment.

As for whether those items belong to Jordan, Slaughter said, "We don't know. We don't even know how long they've been around. Evidence neighbors or someone may see coming out doesn't necessarily mean that that is relevant to our investigation."

Investigators remain positive. "We are going to find Jordan," Slaughter insisted. "That is our goal. That is what we are here to do. But, I will say that we need some help from our public."

Members of the Guardian Angels joined the community search efforts, determined that this story will end with a happy reunion. 

"We are looking at various areas, drainage, we go into the bushes, woods, we go into the deepest parts of the areas," said Freddie Delgado of the Guardian Angels. "We are trying to bring this boy home and give their family closure and peace."

Belliveau's grandmother said they'll search as long as they have to. "We are going to find him. We are not going to stop looking until we find him. Period. That's just how our family is built. We don't stop."

Police have collected surveillance video from businesses along the East Bay Drive corridor. They're asking neighbors to the north of south of that area to check their surveillance as well, and let police know if they spot anything concerning between 9:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

The ground search will continue Tuesday morning.