Search continues for Mulberry shooting suspect

As deputies’ search for a man accused of trying to kill three people at his former place of employment, they are increasing their calls for help from the public.

Even easier than looking for him, deputies say, might be looking for his white F-150.

"That might be more recognizable than him," said Polk County Sheriff's spokeswoman Donna Wood.

His parents' house on Yates Road is now surrounded by TV cameras.

"I don't think he's dumb enough to come back here," added neighbor Addison Tabb.

For their part, deputies are closely guarding word of any leads or clues they may have developed since he shot two employees at MES-GCI Construction and sped away.

"We have a number of law enforcement agencies who have been alerted to this incident and are assisting in helping to search for him," Wood explained.

Thompson's neighbors and friends had clues for several years that he was at least troubled.

Some recounted his drug problems, his failed marriage and lack of contact with his four teenaged and adult children.

"I knew he had issues," said Sherri White, a neighbor. "But he kept to himself. He worked, he was never a problem. But everything went out of control."
Others described his anger towards his former boss from MES-GCI, Chad Bailey, and said it simmered since he was fired 15 months ago.

"He tried to get his old job back," explained Tabb. "From then on, things escalated."

Deputies say it's impossible to predict how he will react if he's cornered or someone spots him.

All they know is that wherever he is, they expect him to be carrying a weapon.

"We don't know what motivated Mr. Thompson to act in the violent way that he did," said Wood. "We are asking the community if you have seen him, please let us know. We will try to get those questions answered."

Of the two shooting victims, one has been treated and released.

The other was shot in the chest, is still in the hospital, but is also expected to recover.

Both declined an opportunity to comment.