Sebring woman fires gun to scare away attempted robbers, police say

A woman was sitting in her car in a Sebring parking lot when a group of men approached her with the intention of robbing her, but Sebring police said her quick thinking halted those plans.

The attempted robbery took place Tuesday morning. Sebring police said the woman was in a parking lot near the intersection of Oak Avenue and South Pine Street. During this time, four or five men approached her veihcle. 

One of the men pointed a gun at her, according to the police department. He told the woman to get out of the vehicle and hand over her purse and phone.

At the same time, another man searched the woman’s vehicle and asked for her keys, phone and wallet.  That's when the woman was able to get her gun and fired a shot, causing the men to flee, police said.

Sebring police said the shot did not hit any of the men. Police are still looking for the attempted robbers.

According to police, they also received reports of vehicle burglaries in the Hickory Street and Eucalyptus Street area during the same time as this attempted robbery, but have not said whether it's connected to the attempted robbery.

Anyone with security cameras in the area or information on the case is asked to call the Heartland Crime Stoppers at 1-800-226-8477.