Security takes top billing at Sarasota County Fair

Those enjoying the midway, amusement rides and the fried food at the Sarasota County Fair may also notice added security. 

"We are going all out to make sure this fair is as safe as possible," said Sarasota Co. Fair Director Randy Boyd.

Last year, an 18-year-old suffered serious injuries after being shot while attending the fair.

"Prior to the 2021 Sarasota County Fair we had done everything possible under our abilities to do it safely and unfortunately someone came in to not make that happen," said Boyd.

This year, security officers will be wanding guests and using Evolve machines at the gates to detect any weapons. Plus, 50 cameras placed throughout the fair will provide live-time monitoring.

Sarasota police, deputies and private security officers will also be on hand to help.

"Things were learned from last time and we are putting those takeaways in place as well for this event," said Interim Police Chief Rex Troche.

Those working at the fair will also be looking out for the guests in the hopes everyone has a good time.

"If we see any trouble, we notify the security people immediately. Don’t worry about stuff like that. Just come out and have a great time. There are bad people out here in this world and we have to deal with that and that’s what we’ve done," said Porcelli with Spaghetti Eddies.

The Sarasota County Fair runs through March 27.

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