Selmon Expressway toll rates will increase in October

Those who regularly commute on the Selmon Expressway will see a price hike in terms of the tolls rates.

The Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority will raise toll rates for its 2021 fiscal year, which starts in October. It will be a 2.5% increase, plus another 11-cent increase on its toll-by-plate surcharge. 

Officials said increase is necessary to "cover the additional cost of collection."

The new rates will be: 

-    $1.88 on the east mainline reversible express lanes for SunPass holders and $2.24 for toll-by-plate users
-    $1.25 or $1.61 at the west mainline
-    $0.93 or $1.29 at 50th Street and Willow Street 
-    $0.63 or $0.99 at 22nd Street and Plant Avenue