Sen. Nelson calls for federal investigation into 'Stand Your Ground' shooting

The letter is short and simple; Senator Bill Nelson is asking for a federal investigation into the shooting death of Markeis McGlockton in a Clearwater parking lot.

Surveillance video shows McGlockton being shot to death seconds after shoving Michael Drejka to the ground.

Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law is currently shielding Drejka from prosecution because he says he was in fear of his life.

“When you look at that video, obviously he is backing away, and the question is, is there more to it, than just what meets our eye on a video?” Nelson said. “Is there a question of civil rights being infringed?

And that is what the Department of Justice is charged with investigating under the law.”
State Senator Dennis Baxley, who wrote the Stand Your Ground law in 2005, says Nelson is politicizing the tragedy.

“They’re trying to draw some sort of implication or division that isn’t there,” Baxley said. “This is not about firearms; it’s about your right to protect yourself from harm when you’re attacked.”

The McGlockton family hired attorney Benjamin Crump, who represented Trayvon Martin’s family in 2012. Crump says the law should be amended so a person cannot start an argument, then claim to be in fear of his life.

“It’s still ludicrous that you can claim that you have fear of your life, but yet you approach and start the confrontation with the individuals,” Crump said.

Senator Nelson wouldn’t comment on whether the law should be changed.

“My role is to find out if a crime was committed for other reasons by having the Department of Justice on civil rights law take a look at that, and that's what I’m doing,” he said.

At this time, the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office is still investigating the shooting. They will then pass on the case to State Attorney Bernie McCabe, who will determine if Michael Drejka will be charged.