Seniors get creative to pass down family history

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There's a new creative way for seniors to stay connected and pass on their family histories.

Bob Bianchi is 96 and his wife Bessie is 93. Together, they have a story to tell.

"We got married off of $86 that he won in a craps game," Bessie said.

They have been married for 76 years.  

"We have four children and ten grandchildren," said Bessie. "We have six great-grandchildren."

They are part of a new initiative for seniors called Storywise. It's an online app were those in their golden years can record their history.  

"It might help young people settle or at least come together on their problems," Bob said.

The program is sponsored by Atria Park Senior Living Community. They supply cards with questions to help spur conversation about their lives.

Caroline Kardaras is the Life Director at Atria Park of Baypoint Village.

"It is a way for seniors to pass on their wisdom and knowledge," Kardaras said. "We always want them to engage their brain and we want them to remember their memories because that's what they have."

It's a way for families to stay connected through the spoken word. More than 20,000 seniors are participating in the endeavor.