Several families displaced by North Tampa apartment fire

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Several families are without a home after a fire tore through their North Tampa apartment complex Saturday.

Hillsborough Fire Rescue says everyone inside managed to escape, but one person was injured. The extent of their injuries was not released.

Shift Commander Clifford Basset said the fire started on the second floor and directly impacted four apartment homes, located on Fancy Finch Drive.

"You know, I feel like crying," said George Renta, whose aunt was one of the people displaced. "You're working so hard to get your stuff and then one second you're going to lose everything."

Another victim, Joseph Santiago said this is the second time a fire has destroyed his home in this same apartment complex.

Santiago lives with his grandfather and grandmother. He said he's just thankful his family is okay.

It's a shared feeling among the survivors who gathered around the scene, watching firefighters put out the flames.

However, they're left feeling shaken and wondering what comes next.