Sewage spilling onto streets in Polk County neighborhood

Residents of Crooked Lake Park say their situation stinks.

Rain is causing big problems with wastewater. Toilets are not flushing and sewage is backing up onto the streets.

Lindsay Woods says her commode has not worked for two weeks.

"I am sick to my stomach," Woods told FOX 13. "I wanted to cry because it's really, really hard to deal with that."

Every time one of her three kids has to go to the bathroom, they head for the car.

"I teach at a school nearby," she said. "They have been gracious to give me a key and we use the restroom over there when we need it."

Not everyone in town is so lucky.

And it's not just the smelly liquid that bothers Woods and her neighbors.

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"This is definitely toilet paper residue," she explained, pointing to what sludge collecting along the gutter.

Residents say they need their aging wastewater pipes replaced. There's no word from the county on when that's going to happen.

A plumbing company was pumping sewage from the system Wednesday and spreading lime on the streets. Polk County had a crew cleaning out culverts.

Woods was grateful something was being done but said they need a long-term fix. In the meantime, she gets a sick feeling every time it rains.

"As soon as it rains, that's where the anxiety sets in because it starts the process all over again," Woods said.