Shark follows woman swimming off Panama City Beach

A woman swimming off the coast of Panama City Beach had no idea she was being followed by a shark.

Stan Battles was enjoying the view across the water from the 28th-floor balcony of his vacation condo on Wednesday when things took a dramatic turn.

Battles had noticed a shark in the water, swimming around in the sea grass. That changed, he said, when a woman swam by, right over the shark. As the shark began circling the swimmer, Battles started recording the ominous scene.

At first the women is unaware, continuing to swim as the shark looms. Eventually, someone on shore sees the shark, and warning shouts can be heard. The woman then stops, turns, and swims for shore.

Battles told the Panama City News Herald that he rushed down to the beach, where he met the woman and was able to show her video of her close encounter.

“It was crazy,” he said. “I’m just glad no one got hurt.”