She says a nanny molested her son; now she raises their baby

    A mother of four who we will call "Anne" still gets angry every time the name Marissa Mowry comes up, "The safest place for her to be is where she is right now in jail," said Mowry.

    Mowry was the family's live-in nanny who did the unthinkable, "I trusted her with the most precious things that I have and she manipulated him mentally, physically and sexually," said Anne. Detective say Mowry molested Anne's eleven year old son and he got her pregnant.

   Now, Anne is raising her now 15 year old son and his 3 years old child. Anne blames herself, "There should have been something I should have caught. I should have caught something," Anne continually repeats.

   But Mowry, Detectives say was able to hide the abuse for years.When she got pregnant she said the father was an ex-boyfriend. Anne thought nothing of it. But after keeping the secret for nearly two years, Anne says  her son dropped a bombshell, "He told me the baby was his ' no no no no no..that means you were eleven',  I lost it and then I got angry," said Anne.

     And she called the Hillsborough Sheriff Office. Mowry was arrested and now faces 15 counts of sexual battery. But Anne says the damage had already been done, "He had to grow up too soon there were things he was exposed to that he shouldn't have even thought of for a least four or five years you  know adult content he was exposed to he wasn't ready for it," said Anne.

    There's a good chance a little boy will grow up without a mother but Anne says he will have plenty of love around him, "It may not be the ideal situation but I'll let you know right now that that little boy is not a mistake by any means," said Anne.

    Mowry is back in court in September Anne says she plans to be there to make sure her son is represented in that courtroom.