Shipt tips: How to shop for a living

They speed through the aisles: Shipt shoppers buying and delivering people's groceries.

Karen Ballard gave Shipt a shot to supplement her income. Within six months, she did better than that. "I'm paying my mortgage and all my bills and keeping on my feet and still having fun."

We asked if she ever thought she'd grocery shop for a living.

"No, I did not,” she replied. “I have my master’s degree. I spent over 25 years in corporate America."

Karen loves it because she gets to live life her way. "I have control over my schedule. I love it because my fiancé and I love to travel so it helps us fund that. But there's no boss to report to."

Her fiancée, Dave Williams, also shops for Shipt full-time. "I was delivering newspapers seven nights a week in the middle of the night. I was looking for something else to do. I'd done everything under the sun." 

The two met at a company get-together. But you won't spot them shopping together.

"She's too competitive for me," laughed Dave.

"No. It's all his fault," Karen teased.

Their strategy to make the most money?

TIP 1: Know the store and move fast.

“I start in produce and then swing back around to do meat and cold. You always want to do meat and cold last," Dave explained.

TIP 2: Shop for multiple orders at a time. 

TIP 3: Work nights and weekends when it's busiest.

Karen works from 7 in the morning to 7 in the evening on Sundays.

"Sunday is my biggest day,” she said. “I will do anywhere from 12 to 19 on a Sunday." 

"I do anywhere between 10 and 20. I've done as many as 20,” Dave offered.

TIP 4: Think long term.

"Know what you're getting in to," said Dave. "Keep your ratings up because that's how you get orders. And you have to have money set aside for taxes."

So who usually wins? Who makes the most money?

"I do more shops, easily,” Dave grinned.

"I make more money than he does,” Karen countered. “We talk about it it's quality versus quantity. I go for the quality shops versus just the number.”

And, who knows, maybe you’ll find love there too. 

"Exactly,” Karen added. Right here in the grocery store. Aisle 6."