Sickles High School Orchestra makes history with national competition

The Sickles High School Orchestra is practicing to perform in a very prestigious competition. 

"Once we found out that we got in it was really exciting because we really never thought that we would make it that high up," said orchestra member Anna Hamann. 

They were selected to compete nationally at the American String Teachers Association National Orchestra Festival Competition in Orlando.  

"I'm expecting us to do really well, we're been working very hard," said orchestra president Jacob Slater.  "We're hoping to place in the competition and also get a superior rating, which is the highest you can get rated as an orchestra." 

Sickles High School is one of 20 schools from around the country invited to play at the event.

"I want them to be able to walk on the stage and give me their best," said Orchestra Director Portia Bradby."One hundred and twenty percent at all times and that they leave with a sense of accomplishment that they were amongst the top and they did very well." 

For Slater, playing in the orchestra is a rewarding experience. "I like being able to like learn the different types of music we're learning and also like being able to learn new things to do and there's always further you can go," he explained. 

The competition takes place March 5-7 in Orlando.