SkinSmart Dermotology receives unique Valentine's Day gift

Love is in the air inside SkinSmart Dermatology in Sarasota, puppy love to be exact.  Move over chocolate and flowers, puppies were delivered Tuesday!  

"When I got the email the other day I thought we're such animal loves here at the office, what a better idea to support Nate’s and have a puppy gram delivered on Valentine’s Day," said Dr.  Elizabeth Callahan.

The pups come from Nate's Animal Shelter in Bradenton.  

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This is the second year they've delivered these Valentine K9's.  A hundred-dollar donation to the shelter lands you 30 minutes of prime puppy time. 

"This is a great opportunity for the puppies.  We're one of 4 teams, so there's 8 puppies out total," said Nate’s volunteer Jill Hennessey. 

"Yes puppies do make work better, on occasions I bring my dog to work and dogs are they're definitely the healing connection," Dr. Callahan said. 

The pups are eight weeks old and should be available for adoption in about a week or so.

"This is the best Valentine’s gift that we've ever received, better than candy, flowers," said Amy Hoover, a medical esthetician.

There is one downside however, saying goodbye.