Snubbed by EPG, commissioner again seeks protections for mask-wearers

Hillsborough County Commissioner and Emergency Policy Group board member Kimberly Overman wants you to be able to wear a mask at work and not face issues or retribution from your boss.  

”Basically, we're doing something to avoid discriminating against someone who needs to do something to protect themselves,” Overman said. 

On Wednesday, at the Board of County Commissioners, she’ll ask for a draft of that ordinance.  It’ll face public comment and could be ready for a vote in the next few weeks. 

”When you’re just trying to take care of your family and participate in the economy, we don’t want that to become an impediment,” she said. 

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This is somewhat of a do-over for Overman.  She tried to get a similar vote passed by the Emergency Policy Group last week, it failed six to three.

”There was a hope this would be about public health; unfortunately it’s become political,” she noted. “It is common sense, and the BOCC is a different make-up,” she offered. 

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Overman told FOX 13 her proposal is not about mandating masks and doesn’t force anyone to wear one.  She strongly encourages mask use however, as does the CDC and most public health officials.

“Until people start realizing they're part of the solution, they're a part of the problem,” she added.