'Sorry, Man': Driver apologizes to Florida officer before fleeing

A Daytona Beach driver apologized to a police officer before almost running him over as he fled a traffic stop earlier this week.

The Daytona Beach Shores Department of Public Safety said the driver was was found to have a suspended license after being pulled over for a seatbelt violation as part of the National Click It or Ticket campaign on Wednesday.

Police footage shows the officer approaching the pickup truck. “Take a deep breath, relax, I’m going see what I can do for you,” the officer says in the video. “OK, come on back.”

The driver – later identified as William Patterson, 28 – then puts the vehicle into reverse and speeds away, saying, “Sorry man.”

After a brief pursuit Patterson pulled over and was taken into custody. Police footage showed the chase and arrest, though part of Patterson’s lower body was blurred out in the publicly released version of the footage.

“The blurred section in the video is used to blur out indecent body parts that were exposed,” DBSDPS noted.

No bystanders were hurt, but one officer responding to the incident “sustained a significant injury,” officials said, and is recovering. Two other officers suffered minor injuries.

“Police officers never know what they will face when they walk into work. Today was one of those days that remind us just how inherently dangerous this job can be,” the DBSDPS post added.

Patterson now faces several new charges.

This story was reported from Tampa, Fla.