Sports club teaches life skills in St. Pete

Children are learning discipline and structure thanks to a sports club in St. Petersburg.

Northeast High School Basketball Coach Jason Murray is teaching children teamwork and excellence through their love of sports.

He saw a need to teach hard work and discipline to children in the community. So he started the Grindhouse Elite Club basketball program.

The goal is to provide a positive and uplifting sports experience for children in South St. Pete.

"There's people in the community that do care about them and do love them, and taking the structure and discipline to the next level where they can apply in life and in their jobs in the future," said Coach Murray.

The organization partnered with Elim Junior Academy School.

"We honestly believe that health and productivity are joint neighbors," said Elim Junior Academy Principal Sandra Fletcher.

The club has been around for five years and the players are learning more than Xs and Os.

"Learn how to work together and support each other," said team member Geriya Grady.

Principal Fletcher says the endeavor is teaching valuable lessons to the students.

"We want to keep kids focused. We want them to understand that they can do great stuff," she said.

The club is providing leadership and love to help children have a  brighter future.

"It really has helped him to focus more on his academics and his behavior so I'm all for this," said Tonya Wright, the aunt of one of the players.