Spring break hook-up accounts trending on Twitter

Panama City Beach is under fire for spring break chaos including a shooting, a sex assault caught on camera and a whole lot of bad behavior going on in public places.

But these stories are not all that's trending. Spring break hook-up accounts are popping up all over Twitter, allowing the party to continue online.

The accounts act as a forum where teens can not only talk about their spring flings, but share pictures of friends, or even themselves, in the act.

Teens running an account like this near Panama City Beach, @SBHookups15, anonymously explained how it all works in a direct message on Twitter.

They said spring breakers privately message them pictures of a "hook-up", along with a caption. Then, they tweet it out from the @SBHookups15 account, where it reaches more than 2,000 people who follow them.

The pictures get retweets, and soon enough, what happened on spring break doesn't stay on spring break. Those pictures end up making their way back to social circles at the kids' schools, and the chatter begins.

Some teens aren't okay with it. For instance, in one case: 

"One person was a big football recruit so he didn't want it linked back to him," explained the people manning the account.

They said they deleted the image, and would do the same for anyone who asked them to. 

But what about the teens who don't have a problem with it?

Some people said they were excited to be retweeted by the account, meaning they're likely not going to request those pictures be removed...and that photos of their spring flings will live online forever...