St. Pete Fire: Slow response to collapsed Skyway 10K runner was a result of confusion, congestion

A new report from St. Petersburg Fire Rescue says confusion about location and trouble clearing a path were two main reasons why it took first responders 22 minutes to reach a runner in trouble. 

During the Skyway 10K in March, 48-year-old Justin Doyle was barely a mile from the finish line when he collapsed.

According to the report, there was confusion as to where Doyle was located. First responders told he could be found at mile-marker five, but it was unclear if he was at mile-marker five of the race or the bridge. Those two locations are seven miles apart.

Also, there was no designated lane for emergency vehicles. Ambulances were caught in traffic, and were too large to navigate through crowds. 

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The report recommends improving maps given to paramedics, better pre-race communication with dispatchers and using more maneuverable vehicles. 

Justin Doyle died after suffering a cardiac event during the Skyway 10K