St. Pete gardener's succulents offer year-round joy in tiny clay pots

Anyone who lives in an apartment or colder climate -- but still wants to stretch their green thumb -- knows something about succulents.

From cacti to air plants, they're a staple for almost every indoor gardener.

In Florida, many of these hearty, drought-resistant plants grow happily in the sandy soil as well as in pots on the lanai.

But at O'Berry's Succulents in St. Pete, they also hang from earrings and protrude from tiny coffee pots, too.

Jamie O'Berry has been propagating succulents for more than 10 years.

She is known for her plants, but also for her handmade miniature clay pots, coffee mugs, and planter earrings, complete with tiny living plants.

O'Berry says her work is inspired by landscapes, especially oceans and deserts. Her goal is usually to "miniaturize" the desert for display in any location.

She got her start at area craft fairs. Now she sells some of her miniatures online at

O'Berry's shop has so many varieties of succulents, she isn't able to name them all.

To see more, visit her website or follow her on Instagram.