St. Pete police officer resigns after review shows he used excessive force

A St. Petersburg police officer is resigning after an internal investigation showed he used excessive force during an arrest.

The incident that happened on Aug. 20 near 3rd St. N. was caught on surveillance video and shows Officer Andrew Cane, a five-year veteran, throwing a handcuffed suspect to the ground.

The suspect was inebriated and according to the police report, was arrested for urinating in public.

Cane did brace the man's fall, so the suspect wasn't injured and the suspect never filed a report. But the other officers on scene reported the incident.

According to St. Petersburg Police Chief Anthony Holloway, Cane's arrest report said the man took a defensive stance, but the investigative board found the report did not match up with what was shown on video.

The police department's review found evidence of falsifying a report, battery, and the use of excessive force.

Officer Cane has chosen to resign. 

Watch the video below: