St. Petersburg police warning residents of coyote sightings

St. Petersburg police are warning pet owners to keep their furry friends indoors after several coyotes were spotted in the northern part of the city. 

A St. Petersburg police officer was patrolling  this week when he spotted coyotes around midnight. Video showed the animals in the area of 76th Avenue North and 1st Street. Police said coyotes have also been spotted in two other neighborhoods,  including 9th Avenue North and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Street North, as well as 62nd Avenue North and 1st Street. 

Pinellas County Animal Control says dead chickens and family pets have been targeted since the coyotes made their way to Florida in the 1970s.  In mid-July a man lost three of cats following coyote attack in the Eagle Crest neighborhood.

Coyotes usually weigh anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds and their bushy tails are usually black-tipped. 
Human attacks are extremely rare. Experts recommend walking your pets with a leash and avoid leaving trash and pet food outside.