State cracks down on Grace Manor after they say it failed to take proper COVID-19 safeguards

The state is cracking down on Grace Manor at Lake Morton. It just issued an emergency order imposing a moratorium on the nursing home from taking in any new residents.

According to the order, Grace Manor, “Failed to take proper safeguards after the hospitalization of 33 of its residents because of COVID-19.”

On June 1, an inspector visited Grace Manor and found a man who had tested positive for COVID-19 sitting in the same dining room as three other residents.

None were wearing a mask or personal protective equipment.

The inspection also indicated that nearby staff members of the facility were wearing masks but no additional PPE.

The state also said it did not see any staffers wash their hands after working with residents, and criticized Grace Manor for not having a proper quarantine area for people who had come in contact with others who had been exposed to the virus.

In a written statement, a spokeswoman for Grace Manor said, “We have notified resident families and staff, and are continuing to aggressively follow CDC, state and local health agency guidelines and recommendations for full disinfection and safety protocols.”
ACHA tells FOX 13 it will regularly be on-site to monitor the situation.