Stores ask for proactive measures to minimize flooding along Sponge Docks

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Store owners and workers along Dodecanese Boulevard in Tarpon Springs are upset by constant street flooding.

Thursday's severe storms caused high tide near the Sponge Docks, pushing water onto the road and into storefronts.

Normally, the city sets up roadblocks, but store owners and workers say it sometimes takes too long, and if cars roll through, they can cause wakes.

"It happens every time tropical storms, hurricanes, typical thunderstorms, like this, we'll get water," said Debbie Thompson, a store worker.

Stores and restaurants all along the coastal roadway took on water and video shows workers mopping floors for hours.

Many say they understand it comes with the territory, but argue the city should set up roadblocks sooner.

"That's what happened today, the water started coming up, and they didn't get here in time to shut down the streets," said Thompson, "so other ladies and I are out here we're trying to stop traffic."

FOX 13 News made attempts to contact the city of Tarpon Springs to ask about the roadblocks and discuss the concerns brought up by business owners, but officials have not responded to media requests.