Strength shines during Tampa Wounded Warriors ride

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A little bit of stretching, combined with a lot of energy is all the fuel dozens of veterans need as they take part in the Wounded Warriors Soldier Ride in Tampa this weekend.

The rehabilitative ride is designed for injured veterans, but it’s more than just rising a bike.

“It’s all about the camaraderie, team building, and basically being back with your unit so to speak,” said Nick Kraus, the Soldiers Ride co-founder. “So if you’ve been laid up with your unit for a long time, this is your way to recover.”

And it goes beyond just physical recovery.

“When we first started, we were dealing with a lot of warriors who were amputees,” Kraus said. “Now everyone in the whole nation has become much more aware of the mental scars you endure in combat.”

Vincent Loran, a 21-year Air Force veteran says it’s a way to keep the wheels of progress spinning.

“We’re really embracing ourselves as normal. I’ve really made 41 other brothers and sisters, so it’s just a blessing and an honor,” Loran said.

The first step is just joining.

“I would say, get involved, Loran said. “This is an opportunity to not just ride that mechanical horse, but to actually be involved with a group of our own!”