Students get a learning experience on The Choice Bus

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Students from Sligh Middle School got a lesson on a different kind of school bus.

On The Choice Bus, they watched a video about how their decisions could affect their future.

It's an interactive learning tool that travels to schools across the country. 

"Our mission statement is to increase the graduation rate and decrease the dropout rate," said Chet Pennock with The Choice Bus.

"We watched a video on several different people, different backgrounds, on the choices they've made that land them in prison and we listened to students on the choices that they made that landed them in college and beyond," said Lanita Lucas with Hillsborough County Schools. 

A replica prison cell on board the bus is an eye-opener.

"When they show you the jail visit, that was the most impact because that's someplace that you definitely don't want to be," said student Tylia Ward.

"Being around the wrong people could also mess up your life and you could also mess it up yourself," said student Kalon Direny.

The bus is teaching valuable lessons about making the right choices. 

"It's changing their thought process on how to live, how to do better, how to impact their friends that they want to hang around," said Lucas.

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