Students learn CPR during culinary class

A Winter Haven culinary teacher is cooking up a very important, potentially life-saving lesson for her students.

Betsy Zinsmeister's culinary class at Winter Haven High School is learning CPR.

Zinsmeister included CPR in her curriculum after an incident in 2013.

Winter Haven Police Inspector Charles Bolton went to interview Besty at her home because she was a witness in a criminal case.  

"He was talking to me and while he was interviewing me, I went down and had a cardiac arrest," said Zinsmeister. 

Inspector Charles Bolton recalled, "I looked up at her and I realize that she was slumped over and she started making a snoring sound."

He immediately started CPR.

"Thankfully, in her particular case, I was there with her and was able to witness it happen. I was there to be able to provide aid to her pretty quick," Bolton said.

Now, Bolton and Lt. David Heilman come to Zinsmeister's class to teach students the valuable skills of CPR.

Students gain a sense of pride and responsibility after the training.

"Makes me feel better because now I'm not helpless for someone who is need of help," explained student Becca Mack.

student Andrew Marcado added, "I just basically learned how to save a life today and I know that I can implement and change someone's life forever."