Students' voices help heal veterans

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Veterans at the James A. Haley VA Hospital are getting a dose of musical medicine.  A group of USF students is using their voices and instruments to lift the spirits of patients, turning hospital rooms into private concerts.

It's part of a program called Motivation of Music.  Megan Kon says she was inspired to create the program after seeing the effect music had on one of the patients at the hospital.

"It just brought a light to his face. It made him more encouraged and he was more motivated to get up and out of his bed and just go outside," said Kon.

USF student Kelsey Donahoo grew up in a military family. She felt this was a way that she could give back to those who had served our country.

"I had a passion for veterans and music. I thought, what better way than to put the two together for this project," she said.

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