Sulpher Springs Elementary students get incentive to excel in the classroom

Students at Sulpher Springs Elementary School got big incentive to excel in the classroom. It's considered an innovative approach to motivate students, and it allows them to have the time of their lives.

The purpose of the elementary shool's new incentive room is to encourage students to be on good behavior, attend classes and do their work. 

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"We want a place where they can come and be celebrated, where they can enjoy time with each other, time with their teachers, and it's really sustainable," Meagan Smithyman, the YMCA Community School director at Sulphur Springs K-8 Community Partnership School.  

The idea seems to be working. The reward program is a collaboration between Walbridge Construction and the YMCA. 

"Having folks like the Y, like Walbridge take a special interest, allow this community to be seen beyond the folks in the square mile that live here," Smithyman added. 

School administrators said it's having a positive effect on the students. 

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"We just want to teach them that everything is about school, school, school, and learning fun is a part of learning," said Dr. Yvette Edwards, Sulphur Springs K-8 Community Partnership School. "Fun is a part of school. It's life balance work. That's what we try to do as adults. We need to encourage that for our kids as well." 

The program provides a fun learning environment to help children succeed.