Sunbathing tourists prefer Florida's version of 'white Christmas'

Hundreds of families spent Christmas Eve on the beaches in Florida.  We stopped by Clearwater Beach this afternoon where it was 72 degrees.

Several families told FOX 13 they were much happier to be on the beach than back home where it was in the 20s and 30s.

"It is absolutely spectacular. Not a cloud in the sky, blue sky; it is just heaven. I’m sitting here sweating," said Marcie Berger from New York.

"I like this white snow color better," chuckled Evija Sdrazdina, visiting from Connecticut.

Several beachgoers told us they were enjoying making family and friends back home jealous by sending pictures and videos of the scenery.

"Merry Christmas!" offered Alisa Zeltina. "We're going to be coming back with a tan."

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