Superhero Fun Runs funds veterans' Honor Flights

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Alan Landers is quick to name his favorite superhero.

"It's Batman!" Landers said. "Well, he's my favorite DC Comics guy."

But there's another kind of hero - one that doesn't wear a cape - 12-year-old Alan holds to the same high regard: men and women in uniform.

"Military veterans, to me, mean safety," he said. "They've risked their lives to give us what we have. They mean our country is safer than it was 100, 200 years ago."​​​​​​​

And for the last seven years, this is his way of honoring them. Since he was six, Alan has hosted a Superhero Fun Run at Freedom Lake Park. The money he raises helps Bay Area veterans board the Honor Flight to Washington, D.C.

He's raised about $60,000 so far.

His mother, Linda is immensely proud. She knows the price of an Honor Flight isn't cheap.

"It's about $400 for a veteran because they fly for free, that's what Honor Flight is for. They take them up to see their memorials. He's sent about 150 veterans on each flight."

Veterans are paired with volunteer guardians and travel to the nation's capital for a day to tour the National Mall and pay their respects at the different war memorials. For some veterans, it's their first time seeing the monuments in person.

"I think of how happy they are, and that makes me feel so much better because I get the chance to help them," Alan said. "My goal is to always send at least one veteran. and I always surprise myself with how many I send. But I always keep my goals simple with one veteran at a time."

By bringing the entire community together, he's always able to raise enough funding for more.

"I tell them the story, and I leave it to them. If they don't want to donate or can't donate, I say thank you for your time, and move on trying to get some other donations. but a lot of people hear the story and they want to help. And they do their best to help," Alan said.

He might just be a superhero in his own right. To learn more about how you can get involved in the Superhero Fun Run, visit