Sushi holdout surprised by this Riverview restaurant

Do you know that phrase “don’t knock it until you try it”?  Well for years and years, Dorothy Alwin “knocked” sushi without ever giving it a second thought.

“I really didn’t, you know just the thought of it, I didn’t care for it,” Dorothy explained.

However, her family would go for sushi regularly, often times taking her with them.  Finally, after years of trying, they wore away her sushi defenses at Sticky Rice in Riverview. 

“What made this place different for you then?” asked FOX 13’s Chip Brewster.

“Well, we came and they finally kind of convinced me to try it,” she replied. “I tried the cooked rolls. I was surprised and enjoyed it very much.”

Now she enjoys sushi two to three times a month, but only at Sticky Rice.

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Sticky Rice
11351 Big Bend Rd.
Riverview, FL 33579

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