Suspect in Craigslist murder denied bond

Murder defendant Dontae Johnson was back in court Monday, hoping his handwritten letter to the judge would do the trick and get him out of jail to play football and finish school.

But the judge wasn't swayed by the teen's "hard knocks" story and his request for bond was denied.

Johnson and co-defendant Ramontrae Williams are accused of robbing and killing James Beck.

Beck and his 15-year-old son were selling a dirt bike on Craigslist and drove to Tampa to sell it to the teens.

Prosecutors say the defendants had no intention of buying it and the plan was to rob him, but instead Beck was shot dead in front of his son.

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In his letter to the judge last week, Dontae Johnson wrote, "I have never done anything bad before to get in legal trouble this situation is not my fault and is a mess."

Months ago, Johnson's attorney told the judge he was unfit to stand trial and should be sent to a state hospital for treatment. Now, the majority of the doctors who evaluated him agree.

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The judge plans to hear from those doctors next month and make his ruling soon after.