Suspect to 911: I killed my roommate 'because she was a cheating b***h'

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The Pasco County man already convicted of killing two people in two other states told a 911 operator he killed the woman, “because she was a cheating b***h." This according to a 911 recording released Thursday.

Warren Birkbeck is now accused of stabbing one of his roommates to death. He will make a first appearance in court Thursday afternoon.

Investigators say three people, including Birbeck, lived in the home on Trask Street in Holiday as roommates. They say 71-year-old Birkbeck stabbed 42-year-old Denise Cook to death, then woke up the third roommate, 85-year-old Lillian Meyer to tell her what happened. 

Meyer called 911.

“I just was woke up by the other person that lives here and he said he just killed the lady that lives here with me,” Meyer told the operator. “I didn’t go into the room. He’s in the bedroom where she is. He just told me,” she said, before sighing, “Oh my God,"

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According to the 911 call, Meyer stayed her bedroom throughout most of the call. Birkbeck doesn't seem to try and leave the home, and can even be heard in the background answering questions from Myer, who then relays the answers to the 911 operator.

“He called me to wake me up to tell me what he had done,” Myer told the 911 operator, who then asks, “Did he say when it happened?” 

Meyer called out to the Birkbeck, “When did you do that?”

He replies, “about half an hour ago,” which Myer relays to the operator.

With Birkbeck still in the house, the operator asks Myer if she is in danger. 

“Um, I don’t think so, I’m not sure,” she says. 

The operator tells Myer deputies are on the way.

As deputies arrived, the operator told Myer to go outside and wait – and to give Birkbeck the phone. 

Operator: Hi, this is 911. What’s going on there?” 

Birkbeck: I killed the girl, okay?-Because she’s a cheating b***h, alright? I’ve just had it. I flipped out tonight and I ended up killing her. I don’t know if she’s dead or not. She’s laying on the bed, blood all over her and everything else.

The call ends when a deputy can be heard entering the home.

Investigators say Birkbeck told them he was in love with Cook, but she did not feel the same way. According to an arrest report, he became upset after overhearing her on the phone with another man and confronted her in her bedroom.

Birkbeck recently served 15 years for the 2nd-degree murder of his estranged wife in New Hampshire. He was paroled in 2015 and moved to Pasco County. He was on probation until 2029. 

He also has a conviction for manslaughter back in 1962 in Massachusetts.