Tampa bakers deliver massive, half-pound 'fat' cookies

There are big cookies -- and then there are these bad boys.

Matt's Fat Cookies is a Tampa-based cookie company that specializes in large, half-pound cookies.

"It’s the same cookie your grandma used to make. It’s just really thick," described co-owner Matthew McKean.

He and his wife Dawn both have full-time jobs making ice cream for Revolution Ice Cream locations in Tampa. The couple bakes the cookies as their side hustle.

They weigh each cookie before baking to maintain the half-pound consistency. Matt’s Fat Cookies are about as large as a baseball -- and weigh almost twice as much as one.

"I personally don’t eat one in one sitting, but we’re not here to judge," laughed Dawn.

Matt’s Fat Cookies operates on a "drop" basis. That means Matthew and Dawn bake cookies when they have the time and then drop a sale on their customers and followers via social media.

Customers can then order cookies on their website and pick them up at designated locations, all of which are Revolution Ice Cream shops.
LINKS: Follow Matt’s Fat Cookies on Instagram and their website to find out available flavors and when the next drop will be.