Tom Brady retirement: Bucs fans hold out hope for 1 more season as rumors run rampant

Amid reports of retirement, Tom Brady’s camp says his NFL future is still very much up in the air. Buccaneers fans were enjoying the return of Gasparilla on Saturday when the initial reports of his decision to retire started to appear on social media. Fans were emotional at the thought he might have played his final game.

"It messes up the mood you know. I cried. I absolutely cried," one fan said.

While others were doubtful that he’s ready to end it, even after a decorated career of 22 seasons and seven rings.

"I’m kind of shocked," another fan shared. "He’s coming off an MVP caliber season. I still think he has a little bit more left in the tank but if that’s how he wants to go out it’s up to him."

One of those Super Bowl championships happened in Tampa, so fans are hoping for another shot next season.

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"I’m just so thankful for him to come to this city and bring us what we needed. He brought life back to the city," explained another Bucs fan.

No matter what he decides, fans thanked him for allowing them to witness greatness.

"If this is truly it for Tom Brady I would say thank you so much," stated another Brady supporter.