Tampa girl takes her little league talent to the nation's capital

Madelyn Parker is 10 years old and is taking her talent from the little league to the major leagues -- at least for a few days. 

"That's what they said. They said it's going to be a once in a lifetime experience," she told FOX 13. 

Madelyn's competing in the Hit, Pitch and Run competition ahead of this week's All-Star Game in Washington, D.C. 

"I like throwing because I get to throw girls out on the bases and stuff, stealing and all that," she explained. 

Months ago, Madelyn tried out for the local competition -- on a whim. She beat her peers there, and then did so again at Tropicana Field when she faced competitors from throughout the state. 

"I almost fainted!" exclaimed her coach, Ricky Ware. "For her to be this close...Even to get to the first step. Really."

"It was kind of like, you know, let's just see what happens," said her father, Todd Parker. "Now that she's here, of course, we're competitive, and you know, and we want to win. She wants to win!" 

Madelyn was one of 625,000 players who tried out throughout the United States and Canada. Now, it comes down to the best three players in her age group.  

"This is a kid who's 10-years-old, who spends five days a week on a field, and she puts multiple hours in, she doesn't pout, she doesn't cry about it, she enjoys it," said Parker.  

Nationals Park is the host for this summer's Midsummer Classic, but before that, future all-stars like Madelyn will take the field, in hopes of becoming one of the best at her game. 

"It's a MLB stadium. It's going to be fun because professionals play but then there and there's also going to be all the cameras around and everything, so you're going to be like just zone in and a lot. It's going to be fine because you're in a MLB stadium!" said Madelyn.

In addition to competing in the skills challenge, Madelyn will also be on the field shagging balls during the Home Run Derby.

UPDATE: Madelyn finished 2nd in her age group in the Hit, Pitch and Run competition. Congratulations, Madelyn!