Tampa man convicted for nearly killing victim after injecting fentanyl dose awaits sentencing decision

The Tampa man recently convicted of injecting a victim with a dose of fentanyl, and nearly killing him, is headed to prison soon. 

Ciriaco Delacruz was found guilty of several charges including, attempted manslaughter with a weapon. 

Earlier this month, the victim, Enrique Ruz, testified about how he was attacked and nearly killed by Delacruz and another man. Last year, both men admitted to other crimes in front of Ruz. 

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Later they both feared Ruz would snitch to police, so they hatched a plot to kill Ruz with a lethal dose of fentanyl. They injected him, stabbed him and beat him.

By some miracle, Ruz survived the attack and was able to escape with his life.

The jury believed him, and three days later, convicted Delacruz of the crime. At his sentencing, Delacruz appeared remorseful and apologized to the victim. 

"First of all, I am regretful for what happened to Enrique. It was never my intent for him to get hurt," said a tearful Delacruz.

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The defendant went on to explain to the judge that he has been addicted to drugs for years and often picks the wrong friends that get him into more trouble. Tampa Judge Samantha Ward decided not to sentence Delacruz and wants to take a little more time to think about it. 

Judge Ward has scheduled another sentencing date for next month. Delacruz and his defense team also filed a motion for a new trial that will likely be addressed at his new sentencing date.