Tampa quilters comfort community and each other

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With sewing machines, needles, thread, and a lot of fabric, a group of ladies are creating comfort.

"It's very tactile and you can do it at any given point of your day. You can sit down and do hand-quilting or you can do hand sewing or go to a machine and do it very quickly," said St. Mary's Quilters member Loretta Klamborowski. 

Once a week, she joins a group of ladies at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Tampa to make handmade blankets and other items.

"We give them to nursing homes, VA hospitals, [and] daycares," said Frances Carreno.

"It makes them feel so good. If you could see the look on these children's faces and the men, the veterans that we've given them to, it's remarkable," said Lorraine Hoffman.

It's not just humans who benefit. The group also makes pillows for shelter dogs. 

The group formed 15 years ago. There are now more than 20 members putting together gifts of love and care.  

"We're probably doing at least 300-350 a year," said Hoffman.

They say helping others is helping them too.

"All of us are like a community and we care for each other," said Carreno.