Tampa sports teams playing on national stage

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the Stanley Cup Champions, the Tampa Bay Rays are in the thick of a World Series run, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are off to a hot start behind one of the all-time greats in Tom Brady.

This is arguably the biggest time for Tampa Bay sports fans since the early 2000s when the Bucs and Bolts both claimed their first titles. 

Adam Snyder of "Heads and Tails" fan shop can feel that energy translating into sales. 

“Month from the month before it doubled,” said Synder

Radio Host Drew Garabo feels the energy over the airwaves.

“That’s the very nature of sports it’s supposed to be a diversion from our everyday problems and I think it’s perfectly OK to be lost in this,” Garabo said.

Bucs super fan “Big Nasty” has felt it from in the stands, now partially open at the home of Super Bowl 55, Raymond James Stadium.

“You see it on TV. You’re impressed, but when you see it live, I got to see him live last game he wowed me. The throws were unbelievable,” said Keith “Big Nasty” Kunzig of Tom Brady.

Yes, 2020 has been a year to forget but for Tampa Bay fans, at least right now there’s an undeniable buzz even despite the on-going pandemic.

“I think what this provides is a distraction for everybody and a lot of optimism and something ties us together,” Garabo explained.

“The real fans the passionate ones that have been with us since day one this is for you guys and we love you,” offered Steven Stamkos.