Tampa woman brings basic necessity for the homeless with a portable shower

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Taking a shower is a routine that many can take for granted, but the simplest of pleasures can turn things around for those in need.

Marcia Hall has been an employee at Metropolitan Ministries for some time now, and works closely with the homeless helping them to get the basic necessities. 

"I think that we tend to forget that they're still human," Hall explained to FOX 13. "They still have wants, they still have desires -- on a daily basis. The homeless find a lack of compassion, love, and dignity. They're looking for food constantly. They're looking for clothing."

Beyond the hot meal and new clothing, Hall started what's become known as "Mr. Bubblez," a portable shower unit where the homeless have the opportunity to clean again.

"It's just the rejoicing expression from the water on their skin again, (to) feel the warmth and kindness of another human being again." Hall said.

Hall said if water can offer dignity to someone who has only known degradation, affection to someone when they've only experienced animosity, and love when they've only been disliked. 

Over the past year, Mr. Bubblez has given showers to about 450 people during two Saturdays each month. Hall said they plan to expand the service to hopefully 700 people this year. 

"To see a life simply transformed by a drop of water. Can you imagine that?" she asked. "Like a plant, you give it water, it revives itself. It stands up tall, it feels proud, it feels part of the community. That's where we want to be -- to encourage God's people to know that somebody cares."

To learn more about Mr. Bubblez, head over to Hall's website or Facebook page