Tampa woman missing over a week; family continues to worry, search for her

A frantic search is on throughout the west river neighborhood of Tampa for a woman who has been missing for ten days.

It was more than a week ago when Deborah Saucier was last seen, at Julian Lane Riverfront Park, where her car and belongings were found.

"You find the strength through your family and friends," said Candice Larry, Saucier's daughter. "That is the only way I am doing this."

The Tampa Police Department has issued a Silver Alert for Saucier, a 62-year-old grandmother whose vehicle was found January 14 with her phone and purse inside her car in a handicapped spot.

"Ever since they found her car, I have come here every morning," said Larry.

She was seen before that, on January 8 on video at the Hard Rock casino. Family believes she never made it home to Ybor City.

"Somebody had to see something," said Larry. "The more I talk about it, the more you guys come out and put it out there, we may find that one person who is like, 'Oh yeah.'"

Further adding to their worry, Deborah has a number of health issues, including memory loss and problems with her lungs.

"A lot of pain most times without medicine, I just can't imagine how she is out there without it," Larry explained.

Larry's husband and co-workers are searching also. One said they gave a tip to the police from someone who said they'd seen her walking with someone.

"It is important to all of us," said be with Deborah Godwin, one of Larry's co-workers. "To be with a coworker who is going through something like this is trying."

Deborah last spoke to her 12 days ago, two days before she went missing from Julian Lane Park.

"I believe in God," said Larry. "That is where I go when I want to give up. I talk out loud to her. I speak to her. I let her know what I am feeling."

Police have not been able to confirm whether the tip they got from today's search will help.

Anyone with information about Deborah Saucier's whereabouts is asked to call Tampa police at 813-231-6130.