Tarpon Springs hits the big screen in 'Epiphany'

The Epiphany is coming to the big screen in a way you haven't seen it before. Sisters Koula and Katina are the writer-directors of the eponymous independent film that centers around a girl, Luka, who is desperate to have a better relationship with her father.

"It's been difficult for her, to do that, to communicate to him," explained Katina Sossiadis.

"She is kind of a defiant girl and she's trying to get attention from her uncle and her father," added Koula Sossiadis Kazista. "So, she feels that she should be able to dive to get good fortune for her family. She kind of sneaks in."

And the movie's presence in Tarpon Springs is good fortune for those locals involved in it. That includes most of the extras who are thrilled to show off their hometown.

"I heard it through Facebook, and I got to come out here with my friends," said 20-year-old Rhett Linton, an extra in the film.

Linton has dived for the cross three real times with many of the other extras cast alongside him. "Yeah, I grew up with them ever since I was a little kid. Went to school with them at Tarpon Springs High School; yup, buddies for a long time."

"We wanted to make the most authentic movie that we could, and to us, what's more authentic than real people?" Koula offered.

The crew and cast will film in Tarpon Springs for three weeks, and those "real people" working to help make it happen are enjoying every moment of being in the spotlight.

"Yeah, it's a big honor," said Linton. "Everyone here is very professional. I’m having a great time, and it's good to be with my friends."

The St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission has been working to help out with finding crews and film locations, amongst other things. It has also offered a small incentive, though nothing has been set in stone just yet.

You might remember the state's incentive program was used up, so it's been difficult to bring movies to Florida, but the directors wanted to film ‘Epiphany’ here because this is where the dive happens every January. The movie will come out some time next year.