Tech Tuesday Test: Bedjet Says It Will Help You Keep Your Body At The Perfect Sleeping Temperature

It's the age old bedroom battle. The struggle between you and your partner, do you keep the room hot? Do you keep the room cold? Ultimately, a compromise means someone's going to be uncomfortable but what if we told you that you do not have to choose hot or cold? You and your partner can have both!

Watch the video above to check out our test of the Bedjet and how well it cools or heats a bed, using the Aircomfort Cloud Sheet and one Bedjet unit.

Here are some quick stats about Bedjet:

•    Comes with remote control
•    Works with an app which adjust the temperature throughout the night to keep you comfortable
•    $299 for single zone, $729 for two units to create a dual zone climate
•    Ventilates bed using room temperature air to keep you cool - works best when room is 79 or less
•    App has night sweat management mode
•    App has temperature wakeup which functions like an alarm clock using hot or cold
•    Can warm the bed from 72 to 104 degrees

Now, the Bedjet isn't the only product like this we found. One of our producers has one called the b-fan and loves it. And it's half the price of the model we've shown in the video though it lacks some of the features. Give both a look and see which one may work best for your needs. In the meantime, for a good laugh, check out the commercial for the Bedjet below. It has over 14k views so far.