Teen arrested after gunfire interrupts Little League game

Police arrested a 17-year-old gunman after he opened fire near a little league baseball tournament Sunday, sending parents and children running for the lives.

Members of the North Seminole Little League were holding a tournament across from Rowlett Park when a series of shots were fired in the park.

"I was umpiring and at first we heard two shots and the shots came from over the area at the park," said Ben Ravenel, the league's president. "And then all of a sudden we heard several -- about six shots after that."

Tampa police aren't sure who or what was the teenager's target, but they say he tried to get away on his bicycle.

Ravenel said he saw the shooter race out of the park on his bike, which he ditched once he entered the baseball fields, and then throw his gun into a dumpster.

"When I saw him running in, I just hollered, 'Stop him, stop him!' And then when I came around the corner, they had him right here at the bench," Ravenel said, pointing to a bench near the front of the park.  "I'm glad he got caught. I have no tolerance for an individual like that."

Officers were already keeping an eye on Rowlett Park after hearing about a party that had been planned there. They heard the gunshots and were able to track down the shooter in a matter of minutes.

"We saw somebody behind a tree, who then jump on a bike and was fleeing so we were able to arrest him very, very quickly," said Steve Hegarty, a Tampa police spokesperson.

Parents took to Facebook, posting about how terrifying the situation was as they ran for cover. One mother wrote, "there were screams to and calls to RUN!!!" and she "thought it was a mass shooter."

Another parent told FOX 13 her husband shielded some of the children in the dugout until they heard it was safe to come out.

The shooter is facing several misdemeanor charges, including firing a gun in public. Police aren't releasing his name and said he does not appear to have a prior criminal record.