Teen left with broken jaw after apparent random attack in Auburndale Walmart parking lot

A teen is in need of major oral surgery after he claims he was randomly attacked by a group of men in a Walmart parking lot in Auburndale, Florida.

According to Mikael Griffey, 17, he was jumped sometime around 11 p.m. Saturday. He remembers walking toward the store entrance with his two friends and their mom when a pick-up truck pulled up next to them.

Griffey said three men and a woman got out of the pick-up truck and one of the men became confrontational. 

"First thing, he looked at me and he asked me my age," said Griffey, "I told him I was 17 years old and he hit me, and then, right after he hit me, he told me that he knew my dad."

Griffey suffered a broken jaw and will likely need long-term treatment.

Meanwhile, Griffey and his family say they have no idea what the attacker was talking about.

"I've never seen the dude. My dad told me he's never seen the dude. We don't know nothing about him," said Griffey, who reported the incident to the Auburndale Police Department.

Detectives confirmed they are investigating the case and have identified possible suspects. Surveillance video from the Walmart parking lot was retrieved but not released to the public.

Meanwhile, Griffey is visiting dentists and oral surgeons to treat his injuries.

"I can't even imagine the kind of pain he's going to go through now, it's going to be intolerable I'm sure," said Christina Hodges, Griffey's aunt.