Teen starts Black history camp to give kids a deeper look at heritage

One Tampa Bay area teen is working to bring Black history to kids during the summer. 

Janiah Hinds wants to make sure they know it shouldn't just be celebrated during one month of the year. Through her new program, Slay It Proud, she's introducing children to a much deeper look at Black leaders and pioneers.

"Slay It Proud basically means that I know that history plays a big role into the stereotypes we have present-day, so with my clothing and educational content, I want people to watch it and take part in it and enjoy it and be proud of learning history," Hinds explained.

The Slay It Proud Black History camp is for kids ages 8-13. It takes children on a journey through Black history – beyond slavery and the Civil Rights Movement.

The learning materials for the camp are kid-friendly and promote learning through activities like art.

"This is my Black history coloring book, and I send it to every kid who is taking part in my camp. I not only have them so you can color them, but I also have a little blurb of information about them so you can know who you are coloring."

Hinds believes that young people need to learn about the history of people who look like them in order to shape their own futures.

"They can read about them and even research them more to learn more about them and learn history. I love to give a little nudge for people to learn history," she explained. "I want to teach history to younger generations like me, who I know are going to be the future and I know who are going to have to solve the issues and problems that we currently have in our world."

Learn more about Slay It Loud at https://slayitproud.com/.