Tennis in the blood of Bay Area family

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Their names are well-known on tennis courts all over Pinellas County. Now, Nga and Le Duong will be recognized across the state.

Their family has been named the United States Tennis Association's Florida Family of the Year.

Nga started playing before he immigrated to the United States. In Vietnam, he used a paddle he made from wood.

When he got into high school, his parents gave him a wooden racquet. That's when his talents really took off.

Years later, he and Le taught all five of their children to play.

"It was chores, homework, or tennis and we all chose to play tennis," jokes their daughter Thu Duong.

Over the years, the family has collected enough awards and trophies to rival any pro.

More importantly, they've won friends along the way.

"They're such wonderful people as well as super tennis players. They'll play with anybody even if they're much worse than they are or much better, they're just really good people," says Carol Fontaine.

Fellow player Mona Kelly agrees.

"They're so awesome on the court and off the court, there's not one of them I can beat but I'm gonna keep trying!" she said.

Nga says tennis is a sport for life and they intend to keep going.

"In the future, [I hope] we still have good health to go play tennis and have fun with our friends!" he said.