Texas woman, with baby, leads police on high-speed chase

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A woman driving an SUV with a baby on board led police on a high-speed chase through San Antonio on June 15, before crashing into another vehicle, running away from the scene with a baby, and attempting to hijack another car.

Aerial footage released by the Texas Department of Public Safety shows the woman, named in reports as Catilyn Rodriguez, drive at high speed across several lanes of traffic on a San Antonio highway.

Eventually, she runs a red light and crashes into the back of another vehicle. She then is seen running from the car, carrying a baby in a travel seat.  

The woman then gets into the front of another vehicle in what police said was an attempted carjacking.Police arrived at this second vehicle, and arrested the woman.

ABC News reports that the baby was taken into care by social services and that the woman was charged with evading arrest, possession of a controlled substance, and endangering a child.

Video credit: Texas Department of Public Safety via Storyful